1-on-1 VIP English Coaching Programs Testimonials

"After trying to boost my English-speaking skills with different methods, I felt like giving up, but I couldn't. I was so ashamed to speak or present in English.

I had a hard time speaking with my clients and business partners.

Until then, I came across Blessing's 1-on-1 English coaching. I was surprised at how well she understood me, was patient, was caring, and listened to me.

All of these helped me boost my English-speaking skills. I feel like a real man, a real business owner.”

David, a Middle Eastern business owner in Russia.

”Blessing is a jovial person. Always ready to listen to me and full of energy. You won't regret learning from her.

When I started learning from her, I couldn't express myself in public. Now I can speak with confidence and express myself well in English.”

Nawaz, Pakistan.

"I no longer have a hard time trying to speak or present in English. I no longer get scared of speaking English in meetings.

My clients and business partners do not have a hard time understanding me. I am a busy business person, so I wanted an understanding English coach, and then I found Blessing.”

Salman, UAE.

”I am happy I chose Blessing because she understands me well. She is ready to listen to me and to make my learning process easy.”

Amin, UAE.

Happy Clients

"I recently worked with Premium English proofreading and editing services to edit a business document, and I am happy with the way my document was edited, written, reviewed, and proofread.

My document looked more professional and easy to read.

Thanks to your help, I was able to use the business document and had great success."

- Mariam.

"I highly recommend premium English proofreading and editing services for any busy business owner.

My business documents were rewritten, edited, reviewed, and proofread well.

The words made a lot of sense to my clients due to the work they did on my business documents.

I'm now more confident in my business dealings because I know that my business documents have no errors."

- Mohammed

Premium English proofreading and editing Testimonials