Middle Eastern founders: 3 easy steps to build confident English skills for your business

Blessing Aladesanmi

I looked into his eyes, but I didn't know how to say "I love you".

Will I scare him off?

What if he doesn't feel the same?

Will I look like a fool for saying that?

I closed my eyes and said "I LOVE YOU".

He smiled, and we......

You have so many things to say during business meetings.

You have so many things to write in your emails and documents.

Yet, you don't know how to say your words with confidence in English during meetings.

Your foreign clients, business partners, and investors think you like their business contracts.

Even though you don't like the business contracts because you do not make much profit.

How long do you want to continue with weak English skills that affect your business?

Think about:

- The short sleep you always have.

- The stress that makes you feel tired.

- The times you work so hard when you are supposed to have fun.

At last, you have the business deals.

However, your weak English skills are not helping your business deals.

Use these three easy steps to build confident English skills for your business.

• Get better at negotiating business deals in English.

To help you speak with confidence.

Also, to make business agreements that can benefit you and everyone involved.

• Learn how to write business emails and documents using English words.

Strong business writing skills can also help you connect confidently in English.

Write down the business agreements you made to back up your words and protect your business.

• Always use easy-to-understand English words in your:

- Business speeches.

- Business emails.

- Business documents.

- Business presentations.


Use those three easy steps to build confident English skills for your business.

Do you want to know how to build confident English skills for your business?

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